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Colorantes para tintas de escritura
  • Colorantes para tintas de escritura

Colorantes para tintas de escritura

Información básica

Modelo: Dynaink


Dynaink dyes are for writing ink and other specialty applications. Products consist of purified liquids,ready-to-dissolve high purity powders, and high strength crude powders.
Dynaink C.I. CAS NO. Characteristics
Acid Red A Acid Red 87 17372-87-1 Yellowish Pink
Basic Chrysoidine G Basic Orange 2 532-82-1 Yellowish Orange
Basic Yellow X-GRL Basic Yellow 29 39279-59-9

Medium Yellow , Also available

in liquid form

Basic Flavine 10GFF Basic Yellow 40 12221-32-5 Greenish Yellow
Basic Malachite Green Basic Green 4 569-64-2

Bright Bluish Green, Also availabl

e in liquid form

Direct Brilliant Blue 6BS Direct Blue 1 2610-5-1 Brilliant Greenish Blue
Acid Sky Blue V Acid Blue 1 129-17-9 Brilliant Greenish Blue
Acid Blue G Acid Blue 93 28983-56-4 Brilliant Blue
Basic Rhodamine B Basic Violet 10 81-88-9

Brilliant Reddish Violet, Also available in liquid form

Acid Nigrosine Acid Black 2 8005-3-6 Homogeneous jet black
Direct Fast Black VSF Direct Blakc 22 6473-13-8 Greenish Black
Direct Black TBRN Direct Blakc 154 37372-50-2 Greenish Black


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