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Líquido abrillantador óptico de papel
  • Líquido abrillantador óptico de papel

Líquido abrillantador óptico de papel

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Modelo: Optical Brightener Liquid


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The optical brightener applied in paper-marking process are mainly derivatives of stilbene bistriazine.
Based on sulphonation , there`re three types:

●GENERAL TYPE - APC: tetrasulphonic acid, having good fibre affinity, good stability to acid and alkali, good compatibility with starch.

Good performance in size press, pigment coating mixture. Suitable for continuous adding process.

●DIRECT TYPE - APB-L: disulphonic acid, good fibre affinity , high whitening strength , small dosage, very economic but weak stability to acid and alkali.

Applicable in stock, size press and pigment coating mixture.

●SURFACE COATING TYPE - APH: hexasulphonic acid, weak fibre affinity, excenllent effect at low PH value,

especially suitable for coating and surface sizing, with greatest brightening effect the the paper at present.

Product Name C.I. No. Type Appearance PH Value Density (g/cm3.25)
Optical brightening agent APB-L C.I.85 Disulphonic acid Brown liquid 8.0-10 1..0-1.15
Optical brightening agent APC C.I.220 Tetrasulphonic acid Brown liquid 8.5-10.5 1.1-1.2
Optical brightening agent APH C.I.357 Hexasulphonic acid Light yellow liquid 8.0-10 1.05-1.15